Chairman's Message

After assuming the charge as Chairman for Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association it was my first priority to ensure merit and transparency in the association and its attached departments. This association has the mandate to generate employment opportunities abroad and to look after the welfare of the dependents of the overseas Pakistanis and the local employees. We intend to enhance our efforts to increase manpower export and properly look after the welfare of the local employees and the dependents of the overseas Pakistani community. We remain committed to the task of exploring maximum opportunities for the placement of manpower from Pakistan in suitable international labor markets. With a burgeoning population and constraints of local employment, the role of POEPA is considered extremely important. We strive to serve not only our citizens and their families but also contribute towards economic stability of Pakistan through substantial foreign remittances. We look forward to support and cooperation of all concerned to help POEPA to accomplish this important task.

We are facing lot of challenges, in this sector and sincerely hope that the government under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan will soon overcome these problems.

We also expect and desire same from our honorable Minister Mr. Sayed Zulfiqar Abbas bukhari to make progressions and advancements in the sector of Manpower export and welfare of Overseas Pakistani community. Most importantly regarding the fact we request Ministry of Overseas Employment & Human Resource Development to please search and approach the new regions and economic sectors with initiatives of exporting the manpower to new manpower receiving countries, other manpower exporting countries are eroding the market for our dedicated workers due to their diplomatic efforts at highest-level in the host countries. Government needs to act fast in controlling the damage done so far and devise well-thought out strategy to grab opportunities. In fact, the manpower export, especially in today’s globalized world economy, has unlimited potential and importance for Pakistan as well in the economic boost, political, and social stability. I, assure my best cooperation and help for Overseas Employment Promoters, employees, businessmen and overseas Pakistanis as they are the backbone of Pakistan and are injecting billions of dollars in our economy.

I believe that the valiant people of Pakistan have the will to work together and pray that they take the country out of the present crisis and make it a strong welfare state. As I have been elected Chairman; I vow that what may come, me and my team will stand with our members in resolving their issues. With a strong commitment to our Mission, Vision and Values, the POEPA will continue to be a strong advocacy forum for business of Overseas Employment Promoters.

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